Video: Wright says "that dirty word again"

Via Ace. I know we’ve reached saturation point with this now that I can’t tell Wright’s rhetoric from normal leftist boilerplate. 9/11 as blowback for Israeli policies? Even Arafat didn’t buy that. The 2001 Durban conference? It was a hatchet job on Israel from the get-go. The Messiah has been vocally pro-Israel throughout the campaign so conservatives will have trouble making this one stick, but this isn’t the only sermon of Wright’s I’ve heard where he’s alluded to those poor, suffering Palestinians, so I’m curious to know: Did Barry O ever try any Hope and Change healing on Uncle Jeremiah after he floated one of these bon mots? Or did it just never come up? In, um, 20 years?

Update: Why are Wright’s videos disappearing from YouTube?