Video: Juan Williams lowers the boom on Obama

By special request of Ace, who tells me his commenters were buzzing about it this morning. Williams has never had much patience for grievance culture so this shouldn’t surprise. He’s juggling a lot of balls here — the “authenticity” motive, Michelle Obama’s comments, the feebleness of the crazy-uncle analogy, and of course the character question — but it boils down, once again, to expedience vs. commitment. Who’s the real Obama, the guy who shrugs at Wright’s sermons because he needs the racial credibility Wright gives him or the guy who casts Wright out of his virtual house lest the project of healing be impeded? Answer: Both. Whatever you need him to be, that’s what he is. That was Hillary’s point about the “blank screen” a few weeks ago. (See also Kaus.) How do you convince a subset of Republicans to vote for a guy who’s even further to the left than she is? You package him as nonpartisan, “willing to listen,” committed to Hope and Change above all, and voila — you’ve got “Obamicans.” He’s tripped badly over Wright this past week but don’t let that tree distract you from seeing the forest of what a spectacularly shrewd politician this guy is. If he had had the Clintons’ connections, he would have wrapped up the nomination around January 15th.

Here’s video from last year of the Messiah paying tribute to his spiritual guru and close personal friend, whose deepest political beliefs he had absolutely no idea about. Exit question: MyDD’s getting a tiny bit ahead of themselves here, aren’t they?