Video: Spitz resigns, pretends that he's sorry

Didn’t want to bury this at the end of the other post. What’s the worst part? The ritual shaming of his wife by having her appear beside him yet again? The references to his “private” failings even as he’s engaged in plea negotiations with federal prosecutors to avoid being indicted? His insistence that he’ll pursue the public good in other ways going forward when we all know he’ll land at some law firm defending POS white-collar criminals for spectacular fees? Answer: None of the above. The worst part is his solemn assertion that he couldn’t tolerate the idea of dragging the state through the ordeal of trying to stay in office. Couldn’t he?

In one of the last and desperate rounds of the end game, a top Spitzer administration official reached out to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s staff on Tuesday to see if the governor could avoid an impeachment vote. But the prospects were grim.

Republicans have pledged to try to have Mr. Spitzer impeached and only 34 of the more than 100 Democrats in the Assembly would be needed for the matter to be referred to the Senate for an impeachment trial. It was clear during the discussions that 34 or more Democrats were almost certain to vote against the governor.

That outcome would have been a dire for the governor, because his top political rival, Senate majority leader Joseph L. Bruno, leads the Senate, where a trial would have been held.

He had no cards left to play; that’s the only reason he folded. Good riddance, Steamroller.