Obama to Hillary: How come I'm qualified to be VP but not president?

Good question. The best answer, if any answer to that question can be called “good,” would be that he’s going to learn on the job under the sort of foreign-policy tutelage that only someone who used to pick out the White House drapes can provide. Was that the answer her campaign offered when pressed? Of course not. Theirs was much stupider, as befits the worst team money can buy. Apparently he’s going to learn all he needs to know before the convention — which means, I guess, that Democrats can elect him to the presidency without worries.

Today, on a conference call (still in progress), Howard Wolfson was asked that question and answered: “Senator Clinton would not choose any candidate who at the time of choosing has not passed the national security threshold.” But, he added, there is a lot of time between now and Denver.

When asked in a follow-up question if there was something Obama could do to prepare himself to pass that threshold before the end of the summer, Wolfson answered, “No, uh…it’s not something that I’m prepared to rule out at this time.”

The question at this point may be, how is it Obama is only leading these tools by 100 delegates?

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So what happened over the last few days? Did Obama suddenly lose qualification points this weekend by winning the Wyoming caucus? Or did the Clintons suddenly figure out that Obama would hardly be enthusiastic about pulling their bacon out of the fire with the coalition that has formed to support him?

Although it will hardly come as a surprise to Hot Air readers, it exposes the Clintons as political opportunists of the first order. They have made it clear that they have no interest in maintaining the viability of Obama if they lose to him. They are playing for an all-or-nothing win in Denver by positioning Obama as unqualified, and that allows the Republicans to use the same argument in the general election.

There will be no reconciliation. Denver has become Thunderdome: two candidates enter, one candidate leave. Be prepared for the chaos afterwards.

Exit question II: if Hillary suggested someone for VP who is that unqualified, what does that say about her own judgment?