Video: The Glacier triumphant

Double digits in Ohio and, just at the very minute I’m writing this, a narrow victory in Texas declared by all the networks. I feel like a new father whose wife just gave birth to a healthy, vindictive, Machiavellian baby girl. Think Jonah Goldberg’s sorry about having put this column to bed early?

Eh, she’ll still lose. But it’ll be nice to have the Messiah bleed a bit more before the resurrection, be it from new and ever more exciting unforced errors or having those 50 secret superdelegates who were apparently all set to praise his holy name back in play. Bill Richardson, who declared not two days ago that he who hath the most delegates at the close of business today shall be the nominee, is already dragging her out from under the bus. How excited is she to keep this going? The Pennsylvania primary’s on April 22; Chelsea has an event scheduled there tomorrow.

Exit question one: What physical form will Chris Matthews’s grief take? Just tears, or full-on heart palpitations? Exit question two: Who’ll get more credit for Her Majesty’s revival, Lorne Michaels or Rush Limbaugh? And exit question three: “Yes we will”?