Video: Aging roguish womanizer not named "Bill Clinton" stumps for Hillary

In which we learn that, among others, the Joker and the guy who ordered the murder of Private Santiago are Hillary Clinton supporters. You will, perhaps, not be surprised to discover this isn’t an official campaign video; Jack apparently put it together on his own dime and then set it adrift in the river YouTube where it’ll hopefully be carried along towards Texas, picking up fans of “The Shining” in its wake. When your campaign’s cratered as badly as hers has, everything starts to look desperate. So too this. Poor Glacier.

Exit question one: Who ever thought McMurphy would endorse Nurse Ratched, huh? Exit question two: Is this dude for real using the clip of Col. Jessep talking about how sexy female superior officers are? Anyone remember how that little soliloquy ended?