The obligatory "What about Obama's citizenship?" post

It is, of course, racist per se to even raise the question but Geraghty’s having fun with it anyway. The peg is the Times’s moronic story about whether a child born to an American sailor stationed abroad is an American citizen; if that has legs, we’ll at least know we’ve reached rock bottom in the election news cycle. Equally irrelevant but marginally more interesting is whether the Messiah is a dual citizen per the excerpt from the Kenyan constitution quoted by Geraghty. The question turns on whether his father was a citizen of the UK when Kenya declared independence. Presumably so: Per the 1914 Nationality Act, citizenship was granted to anyone born within the British dominions (Obama’s father was born in Kenya) and per the 1948 Act citizenship descended automatically to children of male citizens born outside the dominion (but only the first generation). Any British lawyers in the audience want to check my math?

Update: A handy dandy post by Baldilocks — enlightening about the vagaries of Kenyan citizenship and appropriately dismissive of the idea that anyone should care about this.