Video: Olby assured that it's okay for Jon Stewart to crack jokes about Obama's name

This is like watching wrestling as a kid, when the bad-guy tag team would have some sort of contrived falling out in the middle of the match and end up swinging at each other. Every kid watching felt the same panic as the natural order of things was momentarily upended: Who do I root for? Stewart, who dared to make the Obama/Osama joke that must never be made? Or Olbermann, who dared to call him on it? Luckily Patton Oswalt is there to jump in the ring and explain to KO that no, Stewart isn’t really suggesting a moral equivalence between Obama and terrorist masterminds, whereupon a relieved Olby downshifts into a lament about SNL using a white actor to play Obama. Oswalt, bless his heart, politely craps on that too.

Good job on the “Coultergeist” reference, though, Keith, just to let the nutroots know you’re still on the team.