Video: Clinton supporter defends photo of Obama in his "native clothing"; Update: Another Obama photo?

It’s Stephanie Tubbs Jones, lately a bystander at an Obama-related humiliation and now the center of one herself. What’s newsworthy about this? Nothing. It’s clear what she means, however clumsy her substitution of “native” for “ancestral” may be, but that can’t save her from the arched eyebrow of TPM, a site which demonstrated its keen powers of cracking racial “code” two years ago when it declared the use of drums in campaign ads targeting black candidates as racist per se. If there’s news value here, it’s this: If they’re willing to demagogue someone who’s liberal, a woman, and a minority on something this slight, wait until Maverick so much as looks askance at Obama during the campaign. Like Noonan says, “Go to the bank on it.” Click the image to watch.


Update: Coming soon to a Clinton campaign e-mail near you.