Pakistan bans YouTube nationwide due to ... trailer for Wilders's anti-Islam movie?

Yeah, that movie. The one that’s going to get him killed. The Pakistani version of the FCC decided it was too hot for Islamabad or anywhere else — which it probably is — so they pulled the plug on the entire site, a practice they’ve already followed with regard to the Mohammed cartoons. Don’t expect last week’s election results to change this, either. Musharraf may be inching towards the exit (with the encouragement of several U.S. senators) but Bhutto’s party’s stance towards the jihad turns out to be a trace more nuanced now that they’re in power than it was when she was alive and campaigning. They need popular support and a bloody counterinsurgency in the tribal areas isn’t apt to generate that. So we’re back to “truces.” What could go wrong?

Here’s what I think is the trailer that brought down the YouTube empire.