Good news: Pakistan cedes more territory to Al Qaeda

posted at 3:33 pm on March 18, 2007 by Allahpundit

The peace treaty Musharraf signed last year with the tribal leaders in Waziristan turned into precisely the kind of disaster everyone expected it would be. So he’s going to do the logical thing and sign another one with the tribal leaders of the Bajaur Agency in the north. Bajaur borders Kunar province in Afghanistan and is rumored to be a favorite hiding place for Osama himself; that’s why some suspected he was the target in that mysterious raid in Kunar a few weeks ago.

You’re well advised to follow that link and read Roggio’s post, but if you don’t have time at least look at the map. Instead of clamping down in Bajaur and forcing jihadis to enter Afghanistan through the south, which would let NATO concentrate its attentions there, Pakistan’s handing them a second, northern base from which to infiltrate. We’ve attacked Bajaur before — back in October, when Task Force 145 orchestrated a bombing run on a madrassa where none other than Ayman al-Zawahiri had allegedly been spotted. The secondary target was a guy named Faqir Mohammed, a Zawahiri deputy who supposedly left the building half an hour before the missiles hit. Who’s leading the Bajaur treaty negotiations according to the Pakistani paper Dawn (by way of Roggio)? Faqir Mohammed, naturally. Our government’s solution? Give them three-quarters of a billion dollars for development. Naturally.

Actually, we might have another solution in the works. Musharraf thinks he’s between a rock and a hard place now, but that place may be about to get much harder.

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Oh look Honey, a bulls eye…..

johnnyU on March 18, 2007 at 4:11 PM

can we invade just THAT area since it technically isn’t part of pakistan?

Defector01 on March 18, 2007 at 4:11 PM

JohnnyU & Defector01 both NAILED IT!

Rove you magnificent bastard!!

locomotivebreath1901 on March 18, 2007 at 4:15 PM

Can’t wait until Al-Queda gets ahold of Pakistan’s nukes. I sure am glad we blessed their nuke program.

PRCalDude on March 18, 2007 at 4:26 PM

Pakistan seems to be one of two nexus of global islamist terrorism. It is only a matter of time before those tribal areas get cleaned up. If Pakistan doesn’t do it themselves, the world is going to tire of the games and someone else is going to do it. Global Salafist terrorists seem to be able to trace their training, recruiting, financing, and support organization right to Pakistan while Shiite groups can be generally traced to Iran.

The Pakis don’t have much time to get a grip on things.

crosspatch on March 18, 2007 at 4:41 PM

So, can we attend the signing ceremony? If not, we should at least send a…present. So as not to be considered rude.

TexasDan on March 18, 2007 at 4:43 PM

Maybe Mr. Cheney suggested this move to Musharraf…

Entelechy on March 18, 2007 at 4:48 PM

I say we give Al Qaeda land too.

Jihadi 1: “Look at the beautiful land The Americans gave us.”

Jihadi 2: “Yes, the land is nice, but the flowers in the middle east are much more pretty than these that the infidels planted.”

Jihadi 1: “True, look at how ugly they are with their thick red bases and little black stems comming out of the tops.”

Jihadi 2:”Although I have to say that the sparklie tops are quite nice.”

– The Cat

MirCat on March 18, 2007 at 4:49 PM

AP, couldn’t you just give us more posts about cats? Like this one?
Catblogging is so much nicer than bad news from the Mid East.

billy on March 18, 2007 at 5:02 PM

Jihadis: We declare this part of Pakistan to be Taliban/Al Qaedastan where we will be free to practice jihad and Islam
Americans: We declare war on Al Qaedastan
Pakistan: HA HA
Jihadis: Oh Shiite

Defector01 on March 18, 2007 at 5:07 PM

I am not sure of the history, but it seems to me that the muslims created Pakistan from taking part of India, and now the same thing is happening to them?

CrimsonFisted on March 18, 2007 at 5:31 PM

Could be a setup.

“Hey Al Qaeda, gather your forces, go to Bajaur and hide. You will be safe there.”

Anyone remember the effectiveness of B-52 carpet-bombing?

fogw on March 18, 2007 at 6:25 PM

This from a country who gave us A.Q Kahn…….

Yeah, this will work out alright…….

PinkyBigglesworth on March 18, 2007 at 7:17 PM

There are probally others of you that shared the same gut feeling I had after 9-11 and all this crap was happening between us and Musharaff. He was too much of a deal maker, lining his own greedy pockets, working both sides of the street and I never trusted the bast**d. I hope to heck he’s driven out of the country and whatever of the hundreds of the millions he’s socked away for himself are frozen and the bast**d dies broke. I am firmly ‘gut’ convinced that he has hidden binLaden for years. Probably under one of his own properties!

AP–I didn’t know the plan to oust him til your link. this has been a great place to stay ahead of the curve and you guys do a fantastic job. Bravo!

auspatriotman on March 18, 2007 at 7:20 PM

Maybe Mr. Cheney suggested this move to Musharraf…

Entelechy on March 18, 2007 at 4:48 PM

Sidenote: Can you imagine a VP Edwards reading Musharraf the riot act?

Bill C on March 18, 2007 at 7:36 PM

I wish they’d just rename it Talibanistan, then we could just nuke it. Oooops, did I say nuke? I meant carpet bomb.

Sure hope I don’t get banned for suggesting I’d like to kill all the terrorists without any of *our* guys gettin’ hurt.

Tony737 on March 18, 2007 at 9:23 PM

Maybe Mr. Cheney suggested this move to Musharraf…

Entelechy on March 18, 2007 at 4:48 PM

Sidenote: Can you imagine a VP Edwards reading Musharraf the riot act?
Bill C on March 18, 2007 at 7:36 PM

I can definitely see John E. going absolutely MEDIEVAL “300” on Musharraf. If you harbor any doubts, just watch this (“YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?”) clip of him in action:


Let’s cut John E. some slack. Poor basTURD probably won’t be around much longer. He’s gotta have two-pack-a-day-Lucky-Strike-lungs from all that hairspray. I’m just sayin…

NightmareOnKStreet on March 18, 2007 at 9:45 PM

Dagnabbit! I can never get that link thing to work. *fingers crossed*

NightmareOnKStreet on March 18, 2007 at 10:14 PM

Nope. I may be link-challenged but I’m determined. {Sunday night S T U P I D} I’d be halfway to I-rak on John Kerrie’s littul skuul bus rite now if i wazn’t so damm old.
I’ll try to get the hyperlink right one more time and then I will go film myself drinking Drano and post that on GooTube for your entertainment.

-or- do you leave the 2nd “http//” in?

NightmareOnKStreet on March 18, 2007 at 10:36 PM

I’m really sorry it took me that many tries to get the hyperlink thang figured out. I’m done now. Must cling to small victories…

Been wrestling all day w/ new computer that’s high on Windows Vista, trying to understand Dell’s new Tehran-based tech help, “Okay now click Start, then Control Panel, now look for Network Sharing and click on the Death-to-America icon…”

NightmareOnKStreet on March 18, 2007 at 11:05 PM

The saying, “With friends like this, who needs enemies?” is as true as ever.

Yakko77 on March 18, 2007 at 11:30 PM


1. Select an http:// address string of whatever you wish to link (from another news site,…), edit/copy or right click and copy
2. come back to your HotAir comment box, highlight a word or a few words of your comments and click on the ‘link’ button, above (a little window opens on top)
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5. Click on Ok (or Close) – this is very important
6. Finish typing or just Submit your comment now.

Don’t give up. All we know is easy and there’s always that first time :) Regards,

Entelechy on March 18, 2007 at 11:31 PM

Anyone remember the effectiveness of B-52 carpet-bombing?


I’m too young to have seen B-52 carpet bombing and Allah willing I’ll see it now ;)

Defector01 on March 19, 2007 at 1:33 AM

Entelechy~ you are my hero. I quickly copied your post to save for future reference. Although I had already gotten the link to work I’m sure next time I wanted to do it the procedure would still have eluded me.

Now if you could instruct me on the finer points of Windows new operating system I might hold off on using my new laptop as a traffic cone.

Even my African Grey parrot, who could host his own talk show, was at a loss for words as he witnessed my frustation. Everytime I looked in his direction he would only say, “Hey, I’m JUST the BIRD!”

Thanks again! ;>D Maureen

NightmareOnKStreet on March 19, 2007 at 4:44 PM