Awesome: Hillary mocks Obama; Update: "We are a nation at war"

Coming soon to a John McCain campaign commercial near you. Her point here is entirely fair, incidentally; near as I can tell, Obama’s master plan for uprooting the special interest kudzu in D.C. is to unleash his personal awesomeness and watch it wither in submission, like one of those fainting women at his rallies. Can’t wait. As for our gal, between this and yesterday’s “shame on you” finger-wag, I’m thinking that little passion play at the end of the debate last week about how everything’s going to be okay wasn’t so much a farewell as her way of telling America not to fret too much about Bambi when she takes off the gloves and starts swinging. He’ll be juuuuust fine. Tuesday night, baby. Bare knuckle.

I keep looking for that clip of Ed Harris trying to revive Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio near the end of “The Abyss” but I can’t find it on YouTube. Anyone know if it’s online? “Fight! Fiiiiight!”

Update: Heh. Fiiiiiiiight!

Update: Oh, the nutroots howling that’ll greet this tomorrow. By leftist lights, any criticism of a liberal from the right intimating that he’s a lightweight on matters of war is “fearmongering.” They expect it from the GOP; from Hillary, they’ll consider it unforgivable.

On the Barack Obama Phenomenon

I think that there is a certain phenomenon associated with this candidacy, and I am really struck by that because it is very much about him and his personality and his presentation. And that’s perfectly legitimate in politics, or any other walk of life, but I think it dangers or oversimplifies the complexity of the problems we face, the challenges of navigating our country through some difficult uncharted waters. We are a nation at war. That seems to be forgotten.