Maverick to media: You're sleeping on the couch tonight

Via the Busters, it’s sad when marriages end:

John McCain’s campaign plane is usually a pretty jovial place to be. The senator, his family and aides sit in the first few rows, while the press is stationed in the back of the plane. On most days, the two sides openly mingle, with reporters sometimes able to sit close so close to the front that they can hear McCain and his aides talking strategy.

But in the aftermath of today’s New York Times story looking at McCain’s dealings with a Washington lobbyist, the mood is decidedly different. Before McCain boarded his plane, reporters were asked to sit farther back than usual on the plane. And when McCain finally boarded the plane, he failed to offer his usual wave at reporters and opted to quickly take his seat. During the flight, the cabin was unusually quiet, save a few quick discussions McCain had with top aides Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter.

Eh, I think it’s only for one night. Exit question: If you’re a major newspaper looking for a fair, balanced, objective take on St. John’s coziness with lobbyists, to whom do you turn? Exit answer: Why, to a former employee of Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, and John Conyers, of course.