Escalation: Warner sends letter to Obama asking for more information on Taliban ammo story

The Standard’s got a copy, in which Warner promises to ask Gen. Casey and the secretary of the Army about it at next week’s Armed Services Committee hearing. Obama was right — he really is bringing Republicans and Democrats together:

What I need from you are the essential facts of when — the dates — the unit was deployed, to which brigade combat team, or other unit it was assigned, the name and current location of the captain, or other military personnel who shared the alleged facts with you, so that committee staff can debrief them.

Either this gets blown out of the water as nonsense or it gets the attention equipment shortfalls deserve. Good news either way. Thanks, Messiah!

Update: If this is a political ploy designed to benefit McCain, it’s exceedingly foolish. Obama can surely round up some stories of Afghan vets being underequipped even if his own source won’t go on the record. It’s an easy way to shore up his credibility as being pro-troop even if he isn’t pro-war.