Smartest woman in the world neglects to file full slate of Pennsylvania delegates

Practical consequences: zero. Symbolic value: golden. You can’t appreciate this story unless you’ve read the Atlantic piece on Hillary’s craptastic ex-campaign manager, who managed to blow through a cool $100 mil with the Glacier’s complete confidence for no reason more exalted than her abject cronyism. Now here’s another glimpse at just how sharp those finely honed First Spouse management skills she developed really are. Answer: About as sharp as Fred’s were when he couldn’t pull together 500 signatures to get on the ballot in Delaware, or Ron Paul’s in allegedly not noticing that a newsletter with his name on it was flirting with race war.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign failed to file a full slate of convention delegate candidates for Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary…

It appears Clinton came up 10 or 11 candidates short across a number of congressional districts, including two in Philadelphia.

That’s close to 10 percent of the 103 delegates to be decided by voters.

It appears the shortage would’ve been double that if Rendell hadn’t extended last week’s candidate filing deadline by a day and a half, ostensibly due to bad weather…

For a national campaign stressing competence, experience, “ready day one,” one might expect a full slate in what could be a key state.

“Rendell” would of course be Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania, Clinton lackey, and true believer in the essential racism of Pennsylvania Democrats.

Exit question: “Surely she has some ace still up her sleeve, doesn’t she, big A?” She always does, my friends. But riddle me this: Let’s say she succeeds against all odds in getting the Florida and Michigan delegates seated. Isn’t that going to encourage even more defections to Obama’s side among the uncommitted superdelegates, who will be understandably nervous about having the party torn apart over some eleventh-hour Clinton hardball and will be looking to offset the effect?

Update: She’d better have more than one ace.