Horrendous: Al Qaeda in Iraq burns prisoners alive; Video: 12-year-old Taliban beheads hostage

Tip of the iceberg, as you’ll see. I linked this at Rusty’s yesterday in one of the Mughniyeh posts but it deserves a spotlight. Not for those with weak stomachs; not really for those with strong stomachs, either. But force yourself, as none of Cordesman’s charts, as impressive as they are, will drive home to you like this will what it means in practical terms that far fewer of these subhumans are walking around Iraq today than last year. They deserve every misery inflicted upon them. Here’s to many more.

Exit question: Are these videos doing them more good than harm in the Muslim world? I’m skeptical. Strongest possible content warning.

Update: It looks like it’s been taken down. Try Rusty’s link, which omits most of the grisliest stuff but is still illustrative.

Update: Never mind the above. We’ve reached rock bottom.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET