Good lord: 18 people shot at Northern Illinois University? Update: At least one dead; Update: Five Six dead

Sounds like another VTech. Not much information yet. Standby.

Update: The university webpage says the scene is secure but no word on victims.

Update: VTech redux: It happened inside a lecture hall and the gunman’s suspected dead by suicide.

Update: Like I say, VTech redux: “A viewer who e-mailed CBS 2 said that her brother was in the lecture hall where the shooting happened. ‘He says that the gunmen was a white male dressed in all black. He kicked the door in and opened fire. My brother dove under the desk, and popped his head up to see the gunmen was reloading. He grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and ran to the library where they been in lockdown since.'”

Update: Another student says it was a shotgun. I’m skeptical.

Update: CNN has backed off the number 18 but it’s in the ballpark of 15, and three or four of them have head wounds.

Update: A pistol and a shotgun:

Sophomore Geoff Alberti of Geneva told his parents he was in geology class when the gunman, carrying both a piston and a shotgun, entered the auditorium-style classroom through an emergency exit. The shooter did not say anything before opening fire on the class, he told his parents.

“He said at least 20 rounds were fired,” said his mother, Marilyn.

Update: The gunman’s dead and at least one other person.

Update: Oddly, the hospital is keeping a running tally on its website of how many victims have arrived. 13 and counting.

Update: “Calmly”:

The man entered the room from the back, behind the professor, and began shooting without saying a word, Sundstrom said, firing in the general direction of the students. He emptied his clip of ammunition and calmly reloaded before resuming firing.

Update: An odd detail:

Student Edward Robinson told WLS that the gunman appeared to target students in one part of the lecture hall.

”It was almost like he knew who he wanted to shoot,” Robinson said. ”He knew who and where he wanted to be firing at.”

Someone suggested in the comments that there might be a Valentine’s Day connection here. Maybe he was aiming for someone in particular?

Update: 17 victims at the hospital, three of them critical.

Update: The earlier report of one killed has been walked back. Keep hope alive.

Update: Awful. Five dead, says the Tribune.

Update: Six dead now.