Video: The untimely death of Nahoul, the Jew-hating bee

Remember him? Via Israel Matzav, MEMRI gives us what Palestinian Media Watch couldn’t — the compelling backstory to Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit. As I’m writing this, Fox News is airing a promo for a segment on Assud, thereby confirming our suspicions that the crucial variable to western media in exposing Palestinian Nazi propaganda is whether it contains a cartoon character the audience will recognize.

This makes two dead ‘toons in eight months, the other being Farfour, who was duly beaten to death on air by an evil Zionist agent. Favorite moment here: Some idiot giving CPR to a giant bee. Lost opportunity: Death by illness instead of an Israeli missile strike, which would have warranted a patented Palestinian car swarm featuring dozens of your favorite jihadi plushies.