Planned Parenthood: Fear the Maverick

Airing in Potomac, just in time for the primaries. The CW is that it’ll backfire by shoring up support for McCain among jittery social cons who are taking a SECOND LOOK AT HUCKABEE! More so than alienating the liberals McCain depends upon to give him the edge, though? A quick tour of the exit polls in South Carolina, Florida, and Missouri, three states where he and Huck were neck and neck, shows him winning big with the pro-choice crowd and Huckabee winning big with pro-life. With an open primary tomorrow and McCain competing with Obama to attract independents, what’s more likely? That abortion opponents will ignore weeks of rhetoric from talk radio about Maverick being a closet liberal and choose him over Huck on the strength of the PP ad, or that independents will say screw it and vote for the Messiah?

No worries. The curmudgeonly 71-year-old superhawk’s going to clean up those purple states against the young, dynamic avatar of Hope and Change.