Video: Chelsea Clinton appeals to crucial arbiters of female opinion for support

And as if that’s not depressing enough, she’s (gently) mocked for her trouble. This is why I laugh when commenters occasionally freak out about blogs supposedly having torpedoed Fred or Mitt. Thanks to her media platform, a halfwit who can’t figure out when Election Day is may well have more influence with the public than virtually any blogger in America. Just today, in fact, Whoopi informed the electorate that she’d switched at the last minute from Obama to Hillary thanks to their positions on tax breaks for offshoring. She prefers Hillary’s policy, you mean? No — it was just that Hillary brought up the issue in a speech last year before Obama did. Hillary “got there first,” I guess, and on this did the ballot depend. Nuance.

Obama has Oprah, Hillary has these three. The campaign in microcosm. Plus, no Chelsea phone call for Hasselbeck? She’s a swing voter this year! Click the image to watch.