Open thread: Super Tuesday results! Update: McCain wins New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois; Update: McCain 36, Romney 36 in ... Arizona? Update: Hillary wins Massachusetts, New Jersey; Update: Maverick takes Arizona; Update: Hillary wins Missouri

We’ll stay with this thread as long as we can. Georgia closes at 7 p.m.; if there’s a late conservative surge towards Mitt, presumably it’ll show up there first. Missouri, which is winner take all, checks in at 8 p.m. After that, it’s a long hard slog until California at 11.

Have I mentioned yet that it would be worth your while to cross over and vote for Hillary? I think I have, but in case you missed it, vote Hillary.

Exit polls as soon as I get them. Stand by.

Update: As of 6 p.m., Megyn Kelly says on Fox that Huck earns 33% of the half or so of GOP voters who voted today who call themselves evangelicals. Mitt leads among immigration voters, with 48%, but McCain leads among economy voters and Iraq voters.

Update: Mitt wins Missouri — but McCain wins California?

Update: Obama leads among black voters, 44-17, and trails among whites only 50-44. Among white women, he trails only 57-44. She’s in trouble, although she does lead big among Latinos.

Update: CNN should have Georgia results at 7 and other states at 8.

Update: “Obama large in exit polls,” says Drudge. Start praying.

Update: Via Drudge, brutal.

OBAMA: Alabama: Obama 60, Clinton 37… Arizona: Obama 51, Clinton 45… Connecticut: Obama 53, Clinton 45… Delaware: Obama 56, Clinton 42… Georgia: Obama 75, Clinton 26… Illinois: Obama 70, Clinton 30… Massachusetts: Obama 50, Clinton 48… Missouri: Obama 50, Clinton 46… New Jersey: Obama 53, Clinton 47…

CLINTON: Arkansas: Clinton 72, Obama 26… California: Clinton 50, Obama 47… New York: Clinton 56, Obama 43… Oklahoma: Clinton 61, Obama 31… Tennessee: Clinton 52, Obama 41…

Update: Obama wins Georgia on the strength of blacks. GOP is too close to call.

Update: Good lord — 86-13 for Obama.

Update: The exit polls give Huck a six-point lead among women in Georgia. It’s a proportional state, so each candidate will take about a third of the delegates.

Update: McCain wins New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut, as expected. Huck steals Alabama. Mitt wins Massachusettes. Hillary wins Oklahoma and Obama takes his home state of Illinois.

Megyn Kelly says Obama wins among whites(!) in Connecticut and Hispanics in Illinois, 51-47. Huckabee’s killing Romney among evangelicals in Georgia.

Hillary wins Tennessee.

Update: Wow indeed: Maverick’s home state is in play?

Update: Romney’s running a fairly distant third in Georgia right now, 37-33-25 with Huck in the lead. If Huck holds on, this makes three wins for him already: Georgia, West Virginia, and Alabama, which McCain was supposed to win.

Update: Rove is on FNC right now calling McCain’s decision to campaign in a lost cause like Massachusetts a huge mistake. Georgia was the early prize, not Mitt’s backyard.

Update: Good lord. As of 9 p.m., Fox still can’t call Arizona for Maverick yet. The Glacier wins New York and, whew, Massachusetts too, negating the Waffles/Teddy effect. But Obama wins Delaware and is in position to steal Connecticut.

Update: Whew. Hillary holds onto New Jersey.

Update: No surprise — Maverick takes New York’s winner-take-all delegates. As for Massachusetts, Hillary wins among women 57-40; in Delaware, Obama wins 90% of the black vote.

Update: Dean Barnett e-mails to say Hillary is doing better than the exit polls predicted — and Mitt’s doing worse. The only state McCain’s lost so far that he hoped to carry was Alabama. If Hillary sneaks out of California with a win, it’s a good night for her. 90 minutes until the polls close.

Update: Obama locks up Alabama. Meanwhile, Huck’s on the brink of taking WTA Missouri while McCain leads in Tennessee and it’s a dogfight between Maverick and Huck in Oklahoma. Where’s Romney? The only state he’s won thus far is Massachusetts.

Update: MM notes that McCain’s in trouble in a number of states he was supposed to win: Missouri, Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama (which he’s already supposedly lost). True enough — but it’s Huckabee, not Mitt, who’s knocking him off.

Update: Maverick knocks off Huckabee in Oklahoma. Still no big wins for Mitt.

Update: Mitt wins Utah, as expected. So does Obama.

Update: Damn. Obama takes Connecticut from Hillary.

Update: Mitt takes the North Dakota caucuses. Obama takes the Minnesota caucuses.

Update: Took him long enough but McCain came through in his home state. Arizona goes to Maverick, winner take all.

Update: Drudge says Mitt takes Minnesota, Colorado, and Montana. That’s super, but McCain’s swept all the winner-take-all states and is poised to take Missouri too. If Romney doesn’t take California, this is a disappointment.

Update: Atta girl. The Glacier sneaks through in Missouri. But does she trail in the delegate count?