Video: Irresistible lure of Silky's silken locks overwhelms Letterman

It comes at the tail end of the clip, at around 2:25. In Dave’s defense, I had this same reaction the first time I saw the iPhone at the AT&T store. Just to touch it and know: Yes, it’s real. And yes, it’s perfect.

Silky’s all smiles but he’s surely cringing internally at having his soliloquy about vets sleeping under bridges punctuated by a “Leave it to Beaver” hair tousling. For all the comparisons between him and Huckabee — age, background, populist appeal — their political fortunes are headed in opposite directions. Huck’s used his campaign to become a media star and evangelical leader; he can look forward to four years of “Hannity & Colmes” appearances, speaking tours, perhaps a leadership position in some social con group, and then a proper, organized run at the presidency in four years if the Dems win in November. But where does Silky go? He’s a loser as vice-president, an also-ran in a three-way race with Clinton and Obama, and an ineffectual one-term senator. Young or no, the Dems aren’t going to want to bother with him again when they have people like Mark Warner and Harold Ford on the bench. I guess Gore could always use a young apprentice. Click the image to watch.