Pollmania: Surge towards Romney in Florida?

Could be. Five new polls taken over roughly the same period to choose from, two of which show McCain by five and two of which — Rasmussen and Insider Advantage — show Mitt by five. IA sees Romney picking up four points in four days, though, and Rasmussen has him gaining seven points in eight days. Even Strategic Advantage, one of the polls that has McCain ahead, sees the spread narrowing from seven to five over the past week. Not enough? The fifth poll, from the Miami Herald, has them in a statistical tie, 25-23, with Rudy lagging all the way back at 15 percent in a tie with Huckabee. And yet a sixth poll, from PPP, puts Romney up by three over McCain and nine over Giuliani. The key issue? Immigration. It’s attack ad time, sucka.

Attack him on this, too. John McCain, tax-cutter? Maybe he does understand economics after all.