Video: Luntz focus group's verdict? Monster win for ... Fred!

He needed a home run. He got it. More thoughts in a minute.

Update: Here’s his much-lauded immigration answer. Wrap-up coming up in another update.

Update: So who won? Dean Barnett e-mails to say Huckabee. He’s so effortless, and his answers on Israel and Christian marriage must have scored huge with evangelicals. I think he and Thompson did the best, McCain didn’t hurt himself, and Romney and especially Rudy were borderline disastrous. Mitt was barely on the stage; as for Giuliani, says the boss, “Am I the only one not listening to Rudy anymore?” Nope. Same points, over and over and over, since day one of the campaign. Unless he somehow ends up as the lone alternative to Huckabee in Florida on the 29th, I think he’s finished.

Verdict: McCain wins, for exactly the reason I gave here. Michael Graham sees it too.

Update: Geraghty’s already mapping out a Thompson victory in South Carolina and the road after. I won’t pee in the Fredheads’ Cheerios, but suffice it to say I’m not staying up late to game out a Thompson/whoever showdown on Super Tuesday.

Update: A “major endorsement” coming for Fred tomorrow? Gov. Mark Sanford would be a huge coup.

Update: A second focus group segment airing on Fox right now has people applauding Fred but saying … it’s too late.

Update: The boss sees it, too. “He doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to go after John McCain.”