Open thread: Primary results; Update: Silky staying in?

I don’t know when the exit polls are going to be released but the fact that CNN is starting to release stuff like this makes me think “soon.”

Something to ponder while we wait: Would an enormous Obama blowout on the Democratic side change your GOP primary vote at all? The bigger his victory, the more one has to start planning for him in the general. McCain and Huck match up reasonably well (although not all that well). Mitt, I think, less so.

Update: Fox News says 59% of independents are breaking towards Democrats, which means a big win for Obama. He’s leading Hillary 44-30 among them. Among independents voting Republican, McCain leads 37-26.

Evangelicals make up only 21% of the vote.

Update: More exit-poll mania from CNN. 18% of Dems and 15% of Republicans decide at the last minute. More good news for Obama, probably.

Update: Here’s Politico’s vote-count page. They did a crappy job with Iowa. Hopefully they’ve worked out the kinks.

Update: Is campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle the first woman overboard on the USS Clinton?

Update: The Politico page up above is showing very, very early results, although I don’t think we get any official tallies until 8 p.m. Expect Obama to be called the winner instantly and a too-close-to-call situation between McCain and Romney when the networks take to the air.

Update: Spare a thought for Rudy, who doesn’t otherwise figure into today’s proceedings. And that word is … crater.

Update: As of 7:35 ET, 4+% of the precincts have reported. Politico has results.

Update: No Hillary hate, no money.

I just got a call from a conservative marketing consultant I know. He is in a panic. “I am in the midst of a major crisis with a lot of people,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is going to die today. Do you know what that means for conservative fundraising all over America?”

Update: The exit polls are out. Good news for Hillary, per Fox News — Hillary’s within five and McCain leads Mitt by five.

Update: McCain staffers are very optimistic.

Update: An insider tells Geraghty that Hillary’s lead is somewhat misrepresentative and should correct itself over the course of the evening.

Update: Two races down, 48 states left to go, says Silky in his concession speech, hinting that he’s in it for the long haul. Juan Williams speculated earlier that he might stay in it as long as he can just to antagonize Hillary, the “status quo candidate.” That’s exceptionally stupid if true since he’s almost certainly pulling more from Obama than from Clinton. Call it a double victory for the Glacier if she pulls this one out.

Dean Barnett e-mails: “98% of America will get the opportunity to reject John Edwards! My turn will come on 1/29 – can’t wait!”