Fox News calls it for McCain; Update: NBC, CNN too

Disaster for Mitt!

Update: NBC’s calling it too. Who could have guessed the GOP race tonight would be over before the Democratic?

Update: And now CNN’s calling it.

Update: McCain vs. Huck vs. Romney’s last stand in Michigan. What’s the best outcome?

Update: At least the nightmare scenario is averted. Showdown in Michigan!

Update (bp): Michael Barone was just on Fox and said that it’s possible that Hillary’s lead will hold and she would win. That seems unlikely, but it would be good news for the Republicans if she hangs on. The Democrat race would keep going. The Clintonistas would keep getting uglier. The downside is we’d get another “Comeback Kid” meme started. Ugh.

A Hillary win also keeps Giuliani viable, for the Rudy fans out there. He needs Hillary as a foil and would run poorly against Obama imho.