Video: The obligatory "iron my shirt" post; Update: Radio show stunt?

The plant rumors are a-swirlin’, but given that it’s derivative of a viral ‘Net meme it’s probably just a couple of kids looking to earn immortality in the jackass hall of fame.

You know what the most compelling evidence is that it was pre-planned, though? It’s not that the incident’s a near-perfect identity-politics counter to Obama’s own compelling IP narrative. It’s that she handled it really, really well. Where did the Glacier learn how to leverage political opportunities so deftly in an eyeblink?

Oh. Right. Click the image to watch.

Update: One of the guys has a MySpace page claiming he’s a Republican. The other one has … a “Hillary for President” sticker on his carrying case?

Update: MM notices something I noticed too. Why would Hillary ask for the lights to be turned on when they held up the sign? If they aren’t plants then she’s even cannier and quicker on her feet than I gave her credit for.


Update: An eagle-eyed tipster notes that Adolfo Gonzales Jr., one of the guys named in the Daily News story, shares a name with an assistant producer of the Toucher and Rich Show in Boston, which seems to specialize in stunts. Another guy on the show’s staff is “Intern Nick.” Would that be Nick Gemelli, the other guy named in the story?

Note that “Gonzales” is actually spelled differently in the Wikipedia article than in the News report so maybe they’re different.

Update: Compare the photo of Gonzales from the Toucher and Rich site to the heavy-set heckler being escorted out in the following clip. Looks like the same dude to me.

Update: Yeah, it’s the same guy. Per Amerpundit, here’s the heckler’s MySpace page as described in the Daily News article. He mentions in the left sidebar that he works for a radio station but the News didn’t put two and two together.

The man himself, courtesy of Toucher and Rich’s YT page.

Update: Jim Treacher sends a link to this bulletin board thread where other people are saying it’s the guys from Toucher and Rich.