Duncan Hunter to make "major announcement" at 2 p.m.; Update: Hunter's still in

The other “true conservative” in the race bids us a fond adieu within the hour. With Fred staggering into South Carolina, it may well be that first three Republicans out of the pool as primary season heats up are … Tancredo, Hunter, and Thompson. RINOmania!

Even sadder is the fact that Hunter’s carrying such a low percentage that his endorsement almost doesn’t matter — except maybe to Mitt, since that will give him a vote of confidence on immigration from another border-enforcing stalwart. Anyone betting another way?

Update: MM wonders why Hunter never caught fire. Too much anonymity in a field of Giulianis and McCains and not enough charisma in a field with Huckabee, I think. Switch his bankroll with Romney’s and each of them would probably be polling where the other is now.

Update: False alarm. All he wanted to do is criticize ABC and Fox for excluding him from the debates; he’s still in the race, for reasons I’m sure I just don’t know.