Video: Luntz focus group raves over Romney, rips Fred to shreds

Lest this post be enlisted by Hugh Hewitt as evidence of Mittmania the way one of MM’s was earlier today, let me answer the question posed by Luntz at the end by stressing that Obama would kill Romney head to head. As phony and constipated as Mitt often seems, Obama is equally confident and authentic. The contrast between them would be fatally stark. Sad to say, it’s probably Huck who would best blunt Barry O’s advantages; if it’s Hillary, Mitt would have a shot.

I’m surprised to see all the animus for Fred, although I guess after snubbing the state it was to be expected. Note well the pointed criticisms of Huckabee’s religious demagoguery. Interesting, and ominous for Huck, to see how far that’s penetrated among the electorate.

Update: MKH agrees with the group about Mitt and disagrees about Fred.

Update (bp): I’d be the last person to argue with Hot Air’s resident diety, so I’ll just offer this clip up as a counterpoint to Allah’s arguments above. Romney is capable of scoring big, with moderates as well as with conservatives. He did it tonight, more than once.