Mitt today: "No way" will McCain bring change; Mitt 2002: "He has always stood for reform and change"

I believe this is what’s known colloquially as pwnage. Actually, all it really amounts to is further proof that pols all the same meaningless crap when they’re out stumping for one another — which is what it sounds like McCain was doing for Mitt when that particular line was uttered. Expect to see Team Romney recirculating this old clip, perhaps in ad form, before the weekend is out:

If you’re looking for something to do this evening, how about building your very own Romney robo-call? It’s even personalized with most first names. I made up one earlier for Mary Katharine warning her of the perils of “radical jihad,” and, man, did it give me chills. I didn’t send it out yet but I’m expecting her to donate when I do. As a Townhall employee, she’s pretty much obliged, right?

Speaking of which, here’s Hugh’s latest. Follow the comments for a little week-ending comedy gold. The point made by “Joe” at 3:18 is especially sharp.