Fred on Huck: "He practically wanted a sanctuary state in Arkansas"

“It could very well be that three of us will win three different races,” he says, intimating the strategy I described this morning. He’s like an 8-7 team in Week 17: Not only does he need to win (in South Carolina), he needs help from a couple of other teams, namely, McCain in New Hampshire and Romney in Michigan. Looks like he’ll have to do it without any more coaching from Newt, who’s allegedly gone over to … the other side.

Big bleeding chunks of red meat here, including/especially on taxes contra Huck. Takeaway: “When we’ve strayed, we have paid.” Exit question for our general audience via See-Dub: Did the passionate support of the right-wing blogosphere help keep Fred alive last night? (Answer: No!) Exit question for Fredheads: If you could have him as your leader, but only as a monarch, would you do it?

No need to respond. I already know.

Update: Keep hope alive!