Video: Fred says Politico story was "made up out of whole cloth"; Update: "Painful," says Michelle

True, or just his way of telling caucusers not to give up and stay home? He stresses that he hasn’t said anything to anyone about quitting if he does badly tonight but Politico didn’t claim that he had. The story was based on what his (alleged) advisors had surmised. And despite being prodded by Kilmeade, he refuses to absolutely commit to being in New Hampshire next week come what may.

Oh well. Blame the media!

[T]he would-be savior of the conservative coalition can barely get coverage from the Des Moines Register.

The Register’s decision not to staff Mr. Thompson’s campaign in the final days before the caucuses and rely instead on wire reports is just one of many signs that his presidential bid has skidded toward the margins amid the ice and snow of Iowa and New Hampshire…

Mr. Thompson’s stump speech hasn’t changed significantly since he kicked off his campaign in September. But his ability to reach potential caucus-goers has been constrained somewhat by the apathy of the media. Just a few reporters trail Mr. Thompson now, a far cry from his kick-off tour, when his campaign hired a bus to haul journalists to events. Reporters who do drop in to see Mr. Thompson speak tend to write stories that reinforce voter concerns about the candidate’s drive.

Another bad omen, perhaps: A late surge for McCain in Iowa? Or is that just among his media sweethearts?

Update: “Fred Thompson’s failure to catch fire showed that star power and Internet buzz aren’t enough to cut it, either.”

Update: The boss spies a non-denial denial. Has she too Betrayed the Cause and given up the ghost on Fred?

Update: Fred advisor Rich Galen strenuously denies the Politico story.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET