It's time: Predictions

Billy Jeff’s made his so we’ll take that as our cue. I was set this morning to pick the Glacier in an upset, partly to be a contrarian and partly because I’m still traumatized by the Clintonian aura of invincibility from the 90s. But everything’s breaking against her — the polls, the independents, even the buzz inside the Fox News green room, all of which raises the slim yet real possibility of an earth-shattering, too-much-to-hope-for semi-landslide flameout. I simply won’t believe that a Clinton could do that badly in a Democratic race until I see it happen, so let’s call it Obama, then Hillary within seven points, then Silky a close third.

I’ll be the contrarian on the Republican side and pick Mitt. Not because I really think he’s going to win, but because after reading crap like this for the past month, I can’t quite digest the idea that Iowa’s actually going to pull the trigger on Huck. Romney, then Huck within six, then … McCain, and then Fred.

I leave you with Mitt, responding to another one of those nasty attacks that the Huckabee camp fortunately doesn’t engage in.

Update: Low turnout — bad for Huck, good for Mitt and Fred?

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET