Huckabee: If Romney wins, "You might as well put [the election] on eBay and sell it to the highest bidder"

Class warfare fever — catch it!*

Huckabee said that, like him, the Continental Army also faced skeptics. “At the beginning of this country there were some farmers with muskets. Nobody thought they could beat the British. After all, the British were so well-financed. And they had the nice long rifles. &They had a magnificent Navy. Our guys had a few rowboats.”…

Huckabee, born into humble origins in Hope, Ark., and a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, said he could run for president “because our Founding Fathers had this idea that we were all equal, didn’t mean that we started out with the same net income, didn’t mean that we started out with a last name that opened doors, and people said, ‘Oh, yes, I knew your father at Harvard at Yale or Princeton.’ People knew my father from the shipyard, not Harvard.'”…

“The people of Iowa cannot be bought,” he said. “They cannot even be rented for the night.”

He told them a victory for his campaign would allow the voters to tell the story of Thursday’s caucuses to their offspring, telling them the tale of “when we decided in Iowa that we would not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by people waving money at us, and waving checkbooks at us.”

He suggested that a victory for the well-funded Romney would be a victory for “plutocracy. &You might as well put [the presidency] on eBay and sell it to the highest bidder.”

When asked whether these paper-thinly veiled attacks on Romney didn’t perchance violate his “no negative campaigning” rule, Huck preciously replied, “I haven’t attacked him because I’ve never called him by name when I did that in these speeches today.” Yes, really.

Exit question: What’s shadier, paying a bunch of people to set up a state campaign network for you or coopting preexisting networks of religious people by touting yourself as the race’s true “Christian leader”?
* I reserve the right to make these same class warfare arguments at every available opportunity if Michael Bloomberg runs for president.