Video: Yet more new footage of Bhutto's assassination; Update: Police prevented doctors from doing autopsy?

Finally we get to see her react. Her head does jerk sharply to the right after the shots but whether that’s a reflex in response to the sound or from the force of a bullet hitting her, I can’t tell. As for the government theory that she hit her head on a lever on the sunroof, compare the third photo here to the new vid. I think we’re looking at the back of the vehicle in the photo; from what I can see in the clip, Bhutto does drop towards the right and back of the sunroof so it’s not out of the question that she hit her head on it. Also, the gunman was behind her when he fired. If a bullet did hit her, why would the force have pushed her back instead of forward, into the front of the roof?

She does appear to be safely inside the car when the bomb goes off, though, and since no one else inside was killed by the force of it, it’s hard to believe the shockwave did her in. That means the cause of death was either a gunshot or her dropping down into the car so fast that banging her head against the lever on the roof on the way did enough damage to expose her brain. Watch the clip. Anyone think that’s realistic? No wonder her doctors are formally distancing themselves from the government explanation. Click the image to watch.

Update: Sky has more video, including an interview with her bodyguard. Two in the neck and one in the head, he says.


Update: More from the doctors. Sounds damning, although her husband said last night that he was the one who refused permission for the autopsy. Maybe the cops were just enforcing his request?

[Hospital lawyer Athal] Minallah said the doctors “suggested to the officials to perform an autopsy,” but that Rawalpindi police chief Aziz Saud “did not agree.” He noted that under the law, police investigators have “exclusive responsibility” in deciding to have an autopsy.

Minallah told CNN that he was speaking out because the doctors at the hospital were “threatened.”

“They are government servants who cannot speak — I am not,” he said. He did not elaborate on the threats against the doctors.