Video: Ron Paul's immigration ad; Update: Paulnuts to hold rally in ... World of Warcraft?

Works for me. Will it work for his supporters? Libertarians seem to prefer open borders and lord knows the college kids who have glommed onto the rEVOLution must be flummoxed by the sort of EVOL Paul has in mind for illegals. No matter. If being a Paul supporter means anything, it means the Paulnut is always right. And he is, in this case!

Below that you’ll find his next most recent ad. Anything missing? Any core Paul policy proposals, say, going discreetly unmentioned these days?

Update: They’re the political equivalent of a high-school D&D club.

Update: And here we find the Paul campaign exercising the discretion they’ve become so famous for, issuing denunciations of Fox News before checking to find out if what they’re denouncing ever really happened.