Video: Pakistan's Zapruder film

It’s the same footage Bryan linked yesterday, but the CNN edit didn’t isolate and zoom in on the key detail. You’ll see that here. When they said the gunman was close to the vehicle, they weren’t kidding; hard to believe he missed her entirely at that range.

Per the Times, Bush is considering asking Musharraf to open up the investigation to foreign police, including the FBI. Bad idea — if the feds concur in the official judgment, we’ll be blamed as co-conspirators. Click the image to watch.

Update: The version in the sidebar at Sky News is clearer and has sound. I count four shots fired and then it looks like the bomb goes off immediately afterwards.

Update: Musharraf’s calls the bluff of conspiracy theorists by offering to exhume Bhutto’s body if her party requests it. Meanwhile, most curiously, lead suspect Baitullah Mehsud denies responsibility. Why would a jihadi refuse some jihadi glory gratis? The better to implicate Musharraf, I guess.