Video: Huck turns the other cheek, somehow links tax policy to faith

Six days ’til caucus and the gloves are finally off. Let’s see what we’ve got for you. Here’s our faux naif looking cozy in front of a fireplace and lamenting all the negativity in the campaign lately, shortly after he warned an audience in Iowa not to go electing pretty boys like Romney just because they’ve made People Magazine’s most beautiful list.

And here you have him running graphics about cutting taxes and fighting crime while he rambles on about religion. This one’s interesting insofar as the incongruity of the audio with the text makes it hard to concentrate on both. Either you’re reading it or you’re listening, or hopefully for Huck’s camp, you’re conflating them on some subliminal level to forge that “Christian leader” mojo he’s been cultivating.

Anyone recognize the outfit behind this one? You should. They’re the same group that’s been push-polling on Huck’s behalf, to the candidate’s alleged consternation. Try as Huck and his team might, they’ve been unable to rein in these renegade, totally independent operators. And now they’ve gone and run an attack ad against Romney replete with derisive laughter, just as Huck himself is ruing how bad the vibes have gotten of late. If only there was something he could do.

And finally, here’s Romney coming back at McCain after the latter’s latest ad called him a phony. Said Mitt to reporters yesterday, “It’s mean-spirited. Frankly, it tells you more about Sen. McCain than it does about me that he’d run an ad like that.” Not surprisingly, Huck has nothing but compliments for St. John these days since he’s Huck’s best chance to torpedo Romney by knocking him off in New Hampshire. And where does all this leave Fred? If you believe this, at somewhere around 1%. That can’t be right, but it certainly isn’t encouraging. Are those … buzzards I see circling? Click the image to watch.