Video: The obligatory "Bhutto says Omar Sheikh killed Osama" post

Even Rusty’s treating this crap semi-credulously so I guess I’m obliged to post on it. Watch it and see what you think. The fact that she mentions it so casually, en passant, and uses a word that’s freighted with moral condemnation like “murdered” instead of “killed” makes me strongly suspect she meant to say Sheikh murdered Daniel Pearl but because she was lost in her train of thought about the jihadis who wanted to take her out she thoughtlessly substituted Osama instead. Do note that Sheikh’s been in Pakistani custody since February 2002, so if he did any Osama-killin’ it would have had to have happened before then. And yet in this article from October 2007, written just one month before the interview with David Frost that’s embedded below, she talks about going after Osama either in partnership with America or solo. Which means either she simply misspoke during her chat with Frost or she had secret knowledge that Osama had been dead for six years, knew who killed him, and let it slip nonchalantly here after having expertly guarded the information for so long. Truthers will find one of those two possibilities more probable than the other. I find differently.

Nice job by Frost, though, in tuning out so completely and failing to ask a follow-up question that now will never be answered.