Fred reaches fundraising target for new ad? Update: Fred appeals to Fredheads to keep donating

According to the campaign site, with less than five hours to go they’re still $65,000 short. No matter, says Politico — somehow they came up with the balance and will be on the air tomorrow in major cities across Iowa. Can the dream of third place at last be within reach? Don’t stop believing, my friends.

Update: Lame. Everyone knew what Huckabee meant, including the people pretending they didn’t.

Questioning Huckabee’s response to the death of Benazir Bhutto, Thompson, R-Tenn., told a Pella, Iowa, crowd, “I am not sure what Governor Huckabee meant when he said we needed to apologize for this assassination. I am more concerned about people around the world would think when they see a presidential candidate was apologizing for assassination of the former Prime Minister Bhutto.”

Update: Team Fred sends along this video and asks for redoubled efforts to reach the $250K target so that the new ad can run until the caucuses.