Video: Fred Thompson on Bhutto

Nothing terribly interesting here but I know it’ll make the Fredheads shriek like teen girls at a Beatles concert so here you go. In Fred’s defense, there’s little he or any other candidate can say: Just tick off the policy points — Al Qaeda, nukes, democracy, Musharraf, tribal areas — to remind us that you’ve done your homework and, if possible, mention the fact that you’ve visited the country once or twice to show you really know what you’re talking about. Our new frontrunner has been especially shameless in that regard today, telling everyone who’ll listen that he’s been to Waziristan while insisting in the same breath how much he “hates” for anyone to make political hay out of such a tragedy.

Since these candidate statements are all predictable and pro forma, I have no problem with Fred being a little later than some of the others in getting around to it. But it’s worth noting that one concerned Fredhead I know e-mailed me about it and sent this link as further evidence that the guy’s not ready for prime time. Hmmm.

Sorry for the bad sync, incidentally.

Update: A reader e-mails to say that the Fred e-mail mentioned by the Corner may have been sent out (or scheduled to be sent out) before the Bhutto news.