LAT poll: Huckabee out to big lead in Iowa over Mitt, 37-23

Hugh Hewitt on suicide watch? Nah — Mitt still leads McCain by 13 in New Hampshire and a new Strategic Visions poll, which HH will surely tout as the more reliable, has Iowa a virtual dead heat.

Even so, from the LAT:

“I am a religious man myself, so that is something that appeals to me,” said Chuck Taylor, a retired truck driver in New Sharon, Iowa. “Some of the other candidates don’t coincide with my values.”

The poll found Huckabee dominates Romney and the rest of the field not only among born-again Christians and regular churchgoers in Iowa, but also among women and disaffected voters.

He was supported by 46% of the women surveyed, and 44% of the people who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Huckabee has argued with other Republican candidates, saying the party needs to acknowledge the pocketbook anxieties of middle-class voters.

Fred’s tied for third with McCain at 11%, but needless to say, if there is some sort of post-Bhutto bounce for anyone, it’s likely to break that tie to Fred’s disadvantage.

In honor of everyone who’s beating up on Huck for what was obviously an innocent misstatement, I offer you these two clips ripe with other innocent yet easily twistable rhetoric. Insinuate away!