Video: "The 12 Days of Huckabee"

He hasn’t “bashed” any Mormons and “college for Jose” is a poor way to describe the objections to his tuition breaks for illegals, but the rest goes down smoothly enough. No mention of his religious demagoguery, though? Peggy Noonan dials in on it in her new column, deploying a stomach-churning term coined by Sullivan for the occasion:

Like Mr. Clinton, he is a natural, charming, bright and friendly. Yet one senses something unsavory there, something not so nice. Like Mr. Bush, his approach to politics seems, at bottom, highly emotional, marked by great spurts of feeling and mighty declarations as to what the Lord wants. The problem with this, and with Bushian compassionate conservatism, which seems to have an echo in Mr. Huckabee’s Christianism, is that to the extent it is a philosophy, it is not a philosophy that allows debate. Because it comes down to “This is what God wants.” This is not an opener of discussion but a squelcher of it. It doesn’t expand the process, it frustrates it.

Any disagreement is prima facie evidence of contempt for evangelicals. Read K-Lo’s column about Huck’s itinerary for this Sunday to see just how nuanced he is when it comes to attacks on certain Christian faiths.