Rudy's security expenses scandal turns out to be mostly crap?

Buried on the Times’s “Multimedia” page, rescued from oblivion by Byron York. Remember how he supposedly hid the receipts for expenses incurred while visiting his then-mistress in the budgets of obscure mayoral agencies, the better to keep his not-yet-public affair a secret? Turns out the expenses incurred while the affair was still secret were actually billed to his own office, not some obscure agency. Only after the affair became public were any related expenses billed to those agencies, and only then as part of a much broader practice of billing them for various city expenses.

So why is it only “mostly” crap? Well, (a) one could argue that Rudy had no need to hide the expenses until the affair became public and people had a reason to go looking for a paper trail, (b) the scandal isn’t just which agencies paid for his expenses, it’s whether Judi Nathan abused her security privileges, and (c) it raises the question of why Rudy instituted that broader practice in the first place. Why shunt hundreds of thousands of dollars off into these obscure departments instead of apportioning them appropriately?

Oh, and I guess: (d) Ahem.

No matter. He’s almost done and, as Kaus’s latest theory suggests, a lot of people aren’t paying attention to stuff like this anyway.