Video: Huckabee slams conservative "chattering class," Coulter slams "easily led" Huckabee

Consider this the video version of last night’s post. There’s an ugly yet fascinating dynamic brewing between these two, each of whom is playing identity politics games with the other. Watch the clip with Huck first as it shows him referring explicitly to the term Coulter has used the last few days to describe him, both in her column and on Fox News: “easily led.” She ups the condescension ante below by calling him a “stupid Christian.” Her shtick is to agree with him that evangelicals deserve their own political champion and to pronounce him grossly unequal to the task. His shtick is to incorporate class and regional elements into the evangelical “identity” he’s trying to construct and pronounce rich, east coast conservatives like her really not “one of us,” however devout a Christian she may be. Scylla and Charybdis, and we’re stuck in the middle. How do you like it?

Since we’re talking Huck, I’ll toss this in the pot too — a selection of his letters to the editor of the Arkansas Times from the mid-1990s. TNR is shocked, shocked, at the ill temper they reveal, and while the occasional comparisons to Jeffrey Dahmer and analogies to being stabbed do raise an eyebrow, they’re pumping a dry well if they think conservatives are going to get too bent out of shape over a Republican fuming at the liberal media. Read this one if you don’t want to wade through all of them; I hope you’ll agree that Huck doesn’t come off entirely bad. And if you don’t agree, imagine Fred Thompson having written it instead. For some of our readers that’s all it takes. Click the image to watch.