Huckabee: People keep coming up to me and quoting Isaiah 54

Verse 17 to be exact, God’s assurance to his followers that the weapons of the enemies of the righteous won’t defeat them. Good stuff. He’s been cultivating this mindset with his “us against them” garbage aimed at Christians, most tellingly when he said to the Times, referring to evangelical leaders’ failure to endorse him, “If my own abandon me on the battlefield, it will have a chilling effect.” Religion, war imagery, and identity politics: quite a combination. To quote Barnett, “The bottom line rationale for his candidacy is frighteningly close to that of a Jesse Jackson campaign. Addressing a sliver of the electorate, Huckabee in essence says, ‘Vote for me because I’m one of you.'”

Thankfully, not all Baptists are buying it. Click the image to watch.

Update: Frank Gaffney, whom Huck claims influences his thinking on foreign policy, doesn’t think much of his foreign policy.


Update: Blame the women!

Republican women, particularly those who describe themselves as evangelicals and those who attend church regularly, are the primary force behind Huckabee’s recent increases. Women now support him over Romney by an 18-point margin; men divide their votes about evenly between the two.

Over the past month, Huckabee’s support among women has doubled, from 22 percent to 45 percent. Female voters have largely abandoned Thompson over the same period, with their support dropping from 14 percent to 3 percent.

The significant growth in Huckabee’s support among women may be a sign that his style of social conservatism with a smile is resonating. Four in 10 women said the more they hear about the former Arkansas governor, the more they like him, more than double the proportion saying they like him less as they learn more.