Ron Paul: Sure, I'll take money from Nazis

Red herrings galore in response to Cavuto asking why he won’t return the $500 donation he got from Stormfront degenerate Don Black. Answer #1: “It’s probably already been spent.” Fortunately, money is fungible. Answer #2: “I see no purpose for me to start screening everybody who sends me money.” No one’s asking him to screen everybody (although major donors would be nice). The fact of Black’s donation was handed to him on a platter by a third party. If outside agents are willing to screen for you gratis, why not avail yourself? Answer #3: If he gives the money back, that’s $500 Black has back to spend on Nazism. In that case, why not re-gift it to a third party? I hear the Wiesenthal Center does good work. Answer #4: “The real evil” is the military/industrial complex. I’ve heard his supporters float this turd of an excuse before and it never fails to irritate me, not because there isn’t plenty evil about special interests but because it requires them to suddenly become very obtuse about the unique contempt with which racism, especially of the white supremacist variety, is regarded in America. We can argue about whether this or that Pentagon project is necessary for defense or just a lucrative money pit for militarists; not much room for argument on Don Black, though. Taking his money is a way of saying yeah, he’s a pig, but not much more of one than Boeing is, really. And even a pig’s got a right to eat, no? A small legitimization but a legitimization nonetheless.

So why not dump the money, particularly given what a small drop it is in the ocean of dough Paul’s swimming in and how his refusal to do so has extended the shelf life of this otherwise unpleasant but minor story? No idea.