Coulter: "Huckabee is the Republican Jimmy Carter"

Lowry opted for a Howard Dean analogy but the basic point abides. “I’m getting tired of this being blamed on the evangelicals,” says AC of Huckabee’s rise, laying fault instead at the feet of ye olde reliable mainstream media. That’s convenient nonsense: There’s been plenty of coverage of Dumond, and the NYT piece from a few days ago had some choice details about Huck’s ignorance in key policy areas. The simple fact is that he wouldn’t be on the cover of Newsweek if evangelicals hadn’t handed him 35% of the vote in Iowa. Krauthammer’s piece today focuses on Romney’s speech last week but his point, that piety is not itself a qualification for the presidency, applies even more forcefully to Huck. The question now is whether Iowa is an outlier, as it was for Pat Robertson in 1988, or whether Huckabee’s going to leverage his “one of us” appeal in South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, too. Fred’s worried enough to be organizing photo ops like this in Mississippi.

As for the Dems, she shares my opinion that the sooner the Glacier melts, the better.

Update: Forgot to flag Nauert picking on Huckabee’s old quote about wifely service to her husband. As loathsome as her burqa comparison is, you’re getting a whiff here of the sort of contempt that’s going to greet that concept as it circulates through the public square. Meanwhile, See-Dub appeals to James Dobson’s critics to consider their hypocrisy if they threaten to walk away from the party over Huck after having howled at Dobson for threatening to walk away over Rudy. It’s not the same, though. For one thing, Dobson and the social cons made that move first and are forever holding it over the heads of the rest of the conservative coalition. There’s some savory payback here in giving them a taste of their own medicine. Also, the objection to Giuliani is essentially on a single issue. The objections to Huck are omnibus — so much so that religious conservatives should themselves be considering walking away, on conservative grounds, if he’s the nominee. The question isn’t why Ace or I might boycott Huck; it’s why James Dobson might not.