Fred to Huck: I got your apology right here

Desperate for traction and groovin’ on a two-day buzz from yesterday’s McMurphy-esque rebellion against Nurse Ratched, Fred attacks. Do they do snark in the south? I had no idea:

We apologize for pointing out that in 2002 Huckabee wrote Pres. Bush a letter asking him to lift the Cuban embargo. It’s easy to see how Huckabee might have missed the finer points of a 40-year embargo. While he obviously knew enough about the embargo to ask that it be lifted, Huckabee clearly didn’t know enough to ask that it not be lifted. So for that, we’re sorry.

Borrowing the rhetoric of apology is sort of odd since it indirectly insinuates Fred into the Mitt/Huck Mormonism snafu. If anyone should be putting out pointed “I’ll show you who’s sorry” releases like this, it’s Team Romney. But a good knock is a good knock. Credit Thompson for getting there first and trying to position himself as the true ideological alternative to Huckabee.

Exit question: Does this sound anything like a “Dean scream” speech or is it just the media trying to sabotage the chief rival to the great Republican-liberal hope?

Update: I imported comments from headlines.