Video: "The worst debate in western history"

The words are Krauthammer’s, expressing a consensus shared by everyone from my pal Barnett to America’s Mayor. The incredible, unanswerable question of the hour: What kind of slackjawed moron would take the two most important issues of the election off the table at the start of the last pre-primary debate? If anything, she should have kept those two and jettisoned everything else.

After today’s withering reviews, the moderators are bound to be working out the kinks for tomorrow’s turn with the Democrats. Kucinich is disqualified so the field will be leaner and meaner than the GOP’s bloated Keyes-plus format. The candidates will probably be allowed to respond to each other more than they did today and Iraq may well be left on the table for discussion. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even replace Nurse Ratched with someone else.

And if they do, our howls of bias! shall be shrill indeed.

Jazz Shaw Dec 01, 2021 11:01 AM ET